The Fratelli Armani bakery makes the well know Allumiere bread, which is golden-yellow inside.

The Yellow Bread from Tolfa is unique and the only one of its kind, and should not be confused with cornmeal bread for its colour.

It is made without salt, with durum wheat and fine ground semolina, that is, ingredients that make this bread golden-yellow colour inside.

The Yellow Bread of Tolfa, more commonly called Allumiere Yellow Bread, dates back to the time of Pope Leo XII (1760-1829), who made the municipality independent and encouraged the use of wood-fired ovens for processing wheat.

Today, this Yellow Bread is considered an “endangered” food product as very few bakeries in the area make it. For this reason, it has been included in the Italian list of Traditional Agri-Food Products (PAT) and is protected by the Slowfood Foundation. Even today, in the Fratelli Armani bakery bread is made using traditional techniques and ingredients, adding carefully selected organic flours.

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Pane di grano duro sciapo e farine biologiche selezionate

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