Typical Food

Tolfa’s traditional cuisine is commonly defined as a poor cuisine. It has its roots and traditions in the Etruscan and Roman cuisines.

With its simple dishes, little elaborate but rich in flavour, the secret lies in the ingredients: durum wheat, wild herbs, local mushrooms and truffles, snails, cattle, horses and pigs, grown in the wild.

One of the best known typical dishes is acquacotta, a vegetable soup made in the Tuscan-Lazio Maremma area with seasonal vegetables.

Also mentucciata is typical. It is an onion soup with tomato, oil and mint. If herring is added, it becomes trista.

Panzanella is a simple dish consisting of the golden-yellow Tolfa bread, cherry tomatoes, salt, water, and olive oil.

The many pork-butcheries you will find in Tolfa also sell the salami and sausages made according to tradition using local meats. As to bakery, the following products deserve a special mention: the Allumiere bread, which is golden-yellow inside; the biscuits of S. Egidio and other typical biscuits; and the Christmas macaroni.