The Tolfa Mountains stretch for about 77,000 hectares between the lower Viterbo area, the area of the Cimini Mountains, and the stretch of coast that, beyond Civitavecchia, includes Santa Marinella, Santa Severa, and Ladispoli.
The territory of the municipalities of Tolfa and Allumiere – 27,000 hectares – is the very heart of this area.

A large amount of water and a favourable climate allowed for the growth of huge forests and extensive plains; the mountains ridges are covered with thick woods and a great variety of animals, plants and flowers that here find an ideal environment to create a balanced natural system.

For this reason, this area has been identified and designated as a Special Protection Area (SPA) pursuant to the Birds Directive, and proposed as a Site of Community Importance (SIC) pursuant to the Habitat Directive, by the Lazio Regional Authority.

The woods of Monti della Tolfa and its many paths are ideal for hiking or mountain biking, Nordic walking, and trail riding.

Also bird-watching is widespread here, mainly because Tolfa is one of the areas of major ornithological interest in Italy, with important nesting areas such as those of black storks.